Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Residents oppose state-mandated higher chlorine levels in town water

By Paul MacDonald
PEPPERELL -- In the meeting held prior to last week's gathering of the Board of Public Works, several town residents last week who voiced their concerns and disappointment over the town's decision to increase chlorine levels in the water supply.
"I've lived in this town for close to 40 years -- very proud of my water," said resident Ann O'Donnell of Province Street. Pepperell water was the greatest, she said, but now, "I have to go out and buy bottled water because I can't even stand the taste of it or the smell of it," she said.

According to DPW Director Robert Lee, a recent Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) consent order requires that the town "maintain a detectable disinfectant residual throughout the distribution system." To meet that mandated requirement, additional chlorine had to be added to the supply. The effect, as noted by O'Donnell, is a more noticeable odor and taste of the chemical, particularly in those areas closest to the pumping stations.

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